MADD 2020

MADD Messenger in 2020…Hi everyone I know this space has been quiet for the past couple of years.  I have been on a journey seeking the Father on this new phase of my walk with Him.

I grew up in the East Tamaki Samoan Congregational Church with my family and found a deep love for Yahweh and His Word in my late teens at East Tamaki Bible Baptist Church. The missionaries there embedded in me the importance of testing the Word, to be a Berean, searching God for understanding of His scriptures.

Well, these past couple of years have been a rollercoaster ride, studying, questioning and searching for myself the richness and depth of how amazing and multi-dimensional the scriptures and our Father is.

I have always been intrigued by the Israel references in the Bible and I knew that there were things I was missing or overlooking by not understanding the cultural roots and traditions of this nation.

Over the last few years, I have tried to seek, research, learn and EXPERIENCE this and have found that the Hebraic symbolisms, idioms and their way of living in Bible times and today have really helped me see and understand who God is even more.

Seeing it through a Jewish context and a Western / Pacific context, truly felt like a wrestling match to see which framework would win.  I felt like this was an ongoing dilemma many times and it often ended in frustration.  In order to really see and learn, I had to walk it, test it and try new things like observing the feasts, upholding Sabbath, reading the Parashat (First five books of the Bible)  fellowshipping with other believers on a similar journey only to then discover more about Gods love and grace upon us.

It’s been quite the exploration but certainly one that has come at a cost. Along this journey we have had to choose to walk under the expectation of others or to walk by faith and test and see for ourselves.  We have met some amazing people along the way who have supported, comforted, challenged, tested, advised and informed us.

My family and I are currently sharing this walk with other believers, who fellowship at each other’s homes on Sabbath.  We continue to walk worthy of the call that the Father has for us and aspire to share the gospel wherever we go!

The MADD Messenger in 2020 is still about communicating the Bible to the world through MADD messages.

The MADD mediums are Music, Art, Drama and Dynamic Speaking.

I love Yahweh, I love His Word and love those who are seeking Him like we all are on a daily basis.

MADD Messenger out!

About Us


Petia (Peat) Wilson is from Auckland, New Zealand. Married to Caroline, they have two children, Charlize and Phoenix. Petia and Caroline left their full-time jobs to pursue a 'calling',  a 'passion' they had to see people live a perosis life.  Petia and Caroline have always had a passion for the arts, music and drama.

In 2005, Petia and his brothers-in-law formed a band called the INLAWS. INLAWS was an acronym for Inspiring New Lives And Winning Souls. Their love for music and drama took them to various schools, churches and concerts in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Florida USA.

MADD messenger with Ken Davis - Speaking Mentor
MADD messenger with Ken Davis - Speaking Mentor

In 2010, when their youngest son, Phoenix was born, they decided to fly to Tennessee, USA to learn from some of the best inspirational, dedicated, heart felt speakers in the world.  International Christian Speaker, Ken Davis,  New York Best Seller, Andy Andrews and the team from Mark Gungor "laughing your way to a happy marriage" were all part of a workshop to help develop speakers just starting out.  The learning and ongoing mentorship and network has paved the way for the MADD Messenger team, Petia and Caroline Wilson to start their own journey helping people.


MADD Influences

YHVH the Father, The Messiah, Torah, My wife Caroline and children Charlize and Phoenix. Denny Dent, Dave Santia and anyone who chooses to truly seek truth and search the Father whole heartedly, with no bias, preconceived ideas and judgement.


To impact and inspire people from all nations to live a perosis 'abundant life'.

  • 1. Strive for a Perissos life
  • 2. Think Global
  • 3. It’s all about people
  • 4. Seek Wisdom
  • 5. Transform through innovation
  • 6. Under-state, over-deliver
  • 7. Persist without excuse
  • 8. Choose Faith and Joy
  • 9. Love to learn^
  • 10. Give it 100%^
  • 11. Adversity grows character^
  • 12. Know God’s word^
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