We are passionate about the performing arts, we love musical theatre and we love seeing people have fun while they are delivering the shows.  The MADD stage plays is another art expression, but here we want to express some of the worlds greatest stories.  Whether you believe them or not, the messages are life-impacting, the lessons are captivating, often leaving you challenged.  Isn't that we want from a good theatre or movie? To be impacted, captivated and challenged?

We want to journey with other like-minded people who want to express their talents and gifts to enable us to achieve this.

The only criteria is:

  1. Do you have the missing piece ( talent / gift / skill ) that we are looking for?
  2. Do you work well with others?
  3. Do you enjoy the process of co-creation?
  4. Do you enjoy receiving complements and constructive criticism?
  5. Meaning and purpose is important to you?
  6. Are you a hard worker?
  7. Is having fun important to you?
  8. Do you enjoy travelling?
  9. Are you organised?
  10. Delivering with excellence is of highest importance to you?

If you answered yes to these, please please apply below:



Performers Audition

If your are an aspiring actor, singer or dancer and want to use your talents to inspire others. Then come along and audition for the new musical stage play King of Hearts 2020!

Creatives Application

Express your interest if you want to be part of the upcoming musical King of Hearts. We are looking for those CREATIVES who can assist with costumes, set design, hair and make up, videography and photography.

MADD Stage Plays To Date



RUTHLESS 2016-2017


Samson Story 2014-2016

King of Hearts 2020

Its been five years since our last show. King of Hearts is based on the story of King David, this story has been a challenge to playwright and plan for due to the large scale of the book. With the Book of Psalms, 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 King, it certainly is one of deep meaning and elevated emotions. The story highlights the humanness of one man, often referred to as a man after Gods own heart. This story takes us on a journey of of love, faith and hope. King Davids faith is like no other.

RUTHLESS Musical stageplay

Ruthless Musical Stage Play is based on the Book of Ruth.  A short book of four chapters, this book is often overlooked, yet it's rich insights echo into the world we live today. There is a type of kindness that words can not describe, a heart that rips through clouds of prejudice, discrimination and judgement.  Ruth is a young widow, that is offered a second chance at life at the prime of her youth.  She faces widowhood with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and is at a cross roads to re-marry and start over with guaranteed security in the comfort of her homeland.  Her second option is to follow her elderly widowed mother-in-law, who has lost everything, back home, into a foreign land.  Which would you choose?  Ruthless: Less of me, more of......

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Samson Story 2015

Our very first stage play ever, it was a mountain of a climb, a gigantic leap of faith. We learnt so much from our very first show and it gave us the lessons we needed to go on to develop Ruthless and then 5 years later King of Hearts.  This was the story of Samson.  After 12 shows in Auckland, we took it to Gold Coast Australia.  We had an amazing team and cast for this show, one we will always be grateful for.  See some of their videos below.

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Samson Story 2015

The Samson Story: when a man loves a woman, had a total of 12 shows.  This was the first event we delivered on a theatre stage.  The team was amazing and were able to deliver these both in Auckland and Brisbane.

On repeat ❤️Chantelle Siva & Don ❤️

Posted by Roxanne Faaeteete on Sunday, August 9, 2015

The girls doing their thing! ❤️

Posted by Roxanne Faaeteete on Monday, August 10, 2015

Man in the Mirror 2012

In 2012, we delivered our very first public event: Man in the Mirror Concert.  We ran a total of 6 concerts in South Auckland, West Auckland, Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Gold Coast and Melbourne.