Just do it

Stop thinking yourself out of doing it and just do it.  Being a New Zealand born Samoan, you find yourself thinking about the cultural impact of your decisions, does that offend my samoan culture or does it uplift it.  In the past I have got it wrong so many times, meaning, I have offended, I have been growled at I have even been told “just leave it”, that the fear of getting it wrong, often effects my ability to make a decision. And then when I do make a decision, I quite often find myself overanalysing it that  I’d rather talk myself out of it and in the end do nothing.  In your 20s your think you have plenty of time to get around to it.  In your late 30s you think “wow, I am at the most part, halfway through my life, walking into the second half, shouldn’t it be time to just do it and not think about it” .  For years, after watching Tyler Perry for the first time, I have always wanted to do a stage production , but could not conjure up the confidence to do it.  Last year was the first time, my wife and I decided ” you know what, lets just do it, rookies or what, lets just take the leap of faith and do it” 12 shows later, boy did we learn, grow, uncover blindspots, ascertain new skills, gain new friendships, push unseen boundaries and discover levels of resilience that we never knew we existed.  12 shows in 2 countries ain’t bad for a dreamer.  Do we keep going?  Heck yeah!!! The process was stressful, but the gains were invaluable, ready to go again and discover another side of us that only comes from doing.

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