Who Am I?

We have had the absolute privilege to work with people in unfortunate circumstances. Whether they come from broken homes, have had horrific life experiences, don’t know any better because that is all they know or have made some mistakes that have cost them time and freedom. Whatever the circumstance, their current unfortunate life situation is probably why we have all met.

We run a workshop through 1degrees workshops called ID program.  In this workshop we talk about self acceptance and how to accept ones self.  Out of all the workshops we have delivered, this is the one that tunes people into a place where they can actually begin to ask who they are, why they do what they do.  Identity plays a big part in peoples lives.  Knowing where they come from, what natural abilities they have and how they attain and apply knowledge through their different intelligences, begins the process of discovering who they are.

The epiphany moments are priceless, these are the moments speakers, preachers, facilitators, teachers, parents, village efforts live for, when people realise they have something amazing that the world is waiting for.  Who am I?  A Samoan man, who loves the Lord and believes that through God everything works together for good.  Romans 8:28….BOOM!!!!

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