MADD messenger Productions is about bringing the Bible to life on the theatre stage.  A group of talented actors, singers, musicians, dancers have come together to interpret powerful stories from the Bible. The play-script has been written to cater for all ages and backgrounds and has incorporated music that feeds the heart, mind and soul.   It is an event for the WHOLE FAMILY.

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RUTHLESS Musical stageplay

Ruthless Musical Stage Play is based on the Book of Ruth.  A short book of four chapters, this book is often overlooked, yet it's rich insights echo into the world we live today. There is a type of kindness that words can not describe, a heart that rips through clouds of prejudice, discrimination and judgement.  Ruth is a young widow, that is offered a second chance at life at the prime of her youth.  She faces widowhood with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law and is at a cross roads to re-marry and start over with guaranteed security in the comfort of her homeland.  Her second option is to follow her elderly widowed mother-in-law, who has lost everything, back home, into a foreign land.  Which would you choose?  Ruthless: Less of me, more of......

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Samson Story 2015

The Samson Story: when a man loves a woman, had a total of 12 shows.  This was the first event we delivered on a theatre stage.  The team was amazing and were able to deliver these both in Auckland and Brisbane.

On repeat ❤️Chantelle Siva & Don ❤️

Posted by Roxanne Faaeteete on Sunday, August 9, 2015

The girls doing their thing! ❤️

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Man in the Mirror 2012

In 2012, we delivered our very first public event: Man in the Mirror Concert.  We ran a total of 6 concerts in South Auckland, West Auckland, Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Gold Coast and Melbourne.